Posted by: Nick Walters | April 8, 2009

Emineck makes rare appearance to honour Runrig

Scottish Folk Rap sensation Emineck returned to the limelight on Saturday (April 4), when he inducted Runrig into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

The finger-in-the-ear rapper, who is preparing to release his comeback album ‘Prolapse’ on May 17, dressed in tribute to Runrig by wearing a trademark leather kilt and drinking a can of Irn Bru laced with whisky at the Clydebank event.

As he came onstage, Emineck also clutched his groin in a pose familiar to that struck by Runrig. In his speech, he compared them to The McCalmans.

“There’s three of them, and if you grew up on authentic Celtic pub-rock like I did, they are The McCalmans,” said Emineck.

Runrig are only the second crap Scottish folk group to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame, behind The Stoneybridge Town Council Choir.


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