2018, my landmark year

2018 was a landmark year for me. In October, I turned 50, and with that came, inevitably, a look back and a look forward. What have I achieved, and what is there left to achieve? I suppose when I look at my life it will be the short stories and books I have published that […]

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I have chosen my Album of the Decade. Who else could it have been but The Fall, who will forever remain my favourite band of all time? Mark E. Smith nailed the decade right back at the beginning, in 2010, with Your Future Our Clutter. A stunning record by the last line-up of The Fall, […]


Bending Sinister 30+ years on

Bend Sinister, the Fall’s 1986 album, is rarely spoken about as ‘prime’ Fall and hardly ever makes anyone’s Top Ten. Perhaps that’s because it came after the phenomenal ‘career peak’ (glarg) of This Nation’s Saving Grace, or maybe the muddy mix (some tracks are said to be mastered directly from a C90 cassette), whatever the […]

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Flux Capacitors album launch

This was originally written to go in local music press, but they ignored my emails. And me, an internationally famous author! Bollocks to them. Anyway, better late than never… There’s a famous quote, wrongly attributed to Elvis Costello (it was actually 1970’s actor and singer Martin Mull), that goes: ‘writing about music is like dancing […]

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Ten Fall landmarks from my life

1986, at school. Hearing U.S. 80’s – 90’s on the 6th Form ghetto blaster (it played LPs in an upright position!) and immediately feeling my life change forever. 1987, at Wolves Poly (Dudley site). Being harangued in the student union by a chap who’d seen The Fall supporting U2 about how terrible they were, he was […]

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All the Fall gigs I have been to, and ever will:

1.    22 May 1987               Town Hall, Cheltenham 2.    7 Mar 1988                  Hummingbird, Bristol 3.    ? Sep / Oct 1988         Sadler’s Wells, London 4.    2 March 1990              Anson Rooms, Bristol 5.    26 Aug 1990                Reading Festival 6.    6 Dec 1991                 Anson Rooms, Bristol 7.    19 May 1993               Victoria Rooms, Bristol 8.    […]

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Two Tales

A quick plug for two anthologies to which I have contributed. First up, Lethbridge-Stewart, The Havoc Files Vol. 4, a collection of short stories featuring the Brigadier and Anne Travers (from The Web Of Fear, and a major character in the Lethbridge-Stewart books (including my forthcoming book The Man From Yesterday). My story, The Runaway […]

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Mr Rock’n’Roll

Blimey, I haven’t updated this blog for over 2 years! That’s because since January 2016 I have been busy on my next novel, The Man From Yesterday, another entry in the Lethbridge-Stewart series for Candy Jar Books. It should be out sometime in the new year. 2017 saw me take some (admittedly small) steps into […]

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