Bending Sinister 30+ years on

Bend Sinister, the Fall’s 1986 album, is rarely spoken about as ‘prime’ Fall and hardly ever makes anyone’s Top Ten. Perhaps that’s because it came after the phenomenal ‘career peak’ (glarg) of This Nation’s Saving Grace, or maybe the muddy mix (some tracks are said to be mastered directly from a C90 cassette), whatever the […]

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Flux Capacitors album launch

This was originally written to go in local music press, but they ignored my emails. And me, an internationally famous author! Bollocks to them. Anyway, better late than never… There’s a famous quote, wrongly attributed to Elvis Costello (it was actually 1970’s actor and singer Martin Mull), that goes: ‘writing about music is like dancing […]

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Ten Fall landmarks from my life

1986, at school. Hearing U.S. 80’s – 90’s on the 6th Form ghetto blaster (it played LPs in an upright position!) and immediately feeling my life change forever. 1987, at Wolves Poly (Dudley site). Being harangued in the student union by a chap who’d seen The Fall supporting U2 about how terrible they were, he was […]

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Summer 2015 album round-up

I know I said I would stop doing album reviews, except for ones by e.g. The Fall, but I somehow happen to have knocked some words together for these: PAUL WELLER: Saturns Pattern I’ve not much liked Weller’s recent output. After the rather humdrum dadrock of Illumination and As Is Now, 2008’s sprawling, pastoral 22 […]

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Into the Vortex!

Just had to blog about this: It is, quite obviously, a promotional image for the new series of that obscure TV programme wot I like, Doctor Who. Isn’t it FANTASTIC? (20p) It absolutely sums up the wonder, terror, beauty, danger, madness and fun of travelling with the Doctor, and it looks totally different from the […]

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