The Twelfth Doctor

A while ago I had this crazy, very vivid dream about a new season of Doctor Who with a brand new Doctor. It was so coherent and so good (if I say so myself) that I wrote it up and sent it to a few friends. They all thought I was insane. So it goes. […]

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THERAPY?: A Brief Crack of Light

Therapy? are best known for their 1994 album Troublegum which contained such hits as Screamager, Nowhere and Trigger Inside. Since then they have receded from the public and critical consciousness to the extent that I could find no reviews of this album in the mainstream press (plenty of metal and specialist music sites have reviewed […]

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Blinded By Bogeys

What a great start to 2011… Not wishing to wallow in self-pity and bore everyone, but I have been suffering from what I believe is termed “man-flu” since before Christmas. Though in my case, as a fan, it should be “mong-flu.”  This has, however, resulted in something quite amusing though disgusting, which I shall now […]

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