Following The Fall

Last week I attended 3 Fall gigs in a row. It was an amazing experience, and interesting to see a band on consecutive nights.  I posted the following reviews on The Fall Forum, but thought I’d share them with a wider audience. So here goes: Cardiff Globe, Wednesday 22 May Setlist: Victrola Time Strychnine Jetplane […]

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BristolCon 2012 Report

This was my third BristolCon (I’d been at the relatively tiny launch event in 2009, the much larger 2010 one, but missed last year’s due to holiday commitments) and the biggest and best so far! I don’t do many conventions but always enjoy the ones I do attend – especially if I am a guest, […]

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BristolCon 2012

  This should be good. I didn’t go last year as I was in the States but the 2010 one was pretty massive, after a tiny start in 2009. I’ll be on 2 panels (one about Space Toilets – typical! – and a Battle of the Books) and giving a talk about the anthologies edited […]

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Springtime in Totterdown

Here’s a poem wot I wrote for my local community newsletter Talk of Totterdown.  Springtime in Totterdown South of the river, The wrong side of the tracks, High above town: Totterdown. From Zone N to Zone A, It’s a beautiful day; The sun is out, the daffs are too – It’s Spring at last! Admire […]

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BristolCon 2011

BristolCon 2011 is now open for business! It’s on Saturday 22 October at the Ramada Hotel (same venue as last year’s). Guests of Honour are Juliet E. McKenna, Justina Robson and Jim Burns.  Other guests include Paul Cornell, Alastair Reynolds, Colin Harvey, John Meaney, Gareth Powell, Jo Hall, and (I think) me. There’ll be an […]

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BristolCon 2010

BristolCon was on Saturday and I have only just recovered! It was only the second ever BristolCon, but it certainly seems to be making its mark. 150 guests this year – over 3 times as many as last year – and a very full day, stretching over 12 hours from 10am to 10pm and beyond! […]

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