All the Fall gigs I have been to, and ever will:

1.    22 May 1987               Town Hall, Cheltenham 2.    7 Mar 1988                  Hummingbird, Bristol 3.    ? Sep / Oct 1988         Sadler’s Wells, London 4.    2 March 1990              Anson Rooms, Bristol 5.    26 Aug 1990                Reading Festival 6.    6 Dec 1991                 Anson Rooms, Bristol 7.    19 May 1993               Victoria Rooms, Bristol 8.    […]

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Mr Rock’n’Roll

Blimey, I haven’t updated this blog for over 2 years! That’s because since January 2016 I have been busy on my next novel, The Man From Yesterday, another entry in the Lethbridge-Stewart series for Candy Jar Books. It should be out sometime in the new year. 2017 saw me take some (admittedly small) steps into […]

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Following The Fall

Last week I attended 3 Fall gigs in a row. It was an amazing experience, and interesting to see a band on consecutive nights.  I posted the following reviews on The Fall Forum, but thought I’d share them with a wider audience. So here goes: Cardiff Globe, Wednesday 22 May Setlist: Victrola Time Strychnine Jetplane […]

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My Bloody Valentine: m b v

Yes I know it’s been out for ages… I have a bit of a backlog of records reviews. Cobblers to a 2012 round-up, that’s ancient history now! Anyway, the new My Bloody Valentine album. Remember that? February this year. Seems like aaages ago… Short review: Not as good as Loveless, but if you like the […]

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2011 Album Round-Up

Better late than never… Wire, Red Barked Tree was reviewed here. I said:  “Beautiful and interesting and a bit weird. It’s also quite mellow – apart from the industrial thrash of 2 Minutes, and even that seems rather polite.” PJ Harvey, Let England Shake This may have won awards and plaudits galore but it pales in […]

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The Fall: Ersatz G.B.

Less polished and more mental than Your Future Our Clutter, this is also much more fun. It begins with Cosmos 7, a mad rush of a track with everything happening at once before the song almost falls over its own ascending riff. A storming opener! Taking Off follows, a wonderful melodic thing which sounds (rather […]

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Radiohead: The King of Limbs

Whatever format of this you end up with – download, CD, “newspaper album” (whatever the hell that is) – is largely irrelevant.  The way we buy and listen to music is changing – but the music itself remains the whole point. Without it there would be no download, no product, no MP3 or CD or […]

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