BristolCon 2012 Report

This was my third BristolCon (I’d been at the relatively tiny launch event in 2009, the much larger 2010 one, but missed last year’s due to holiday commitments) and the biggest and best so far! I don’t do many conventions but always enjoy the ones I do attend – especially if I am a guest, […]

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Feathered Friends (Part 2)

(For Part 1 please click here) “GOBBLE!! OK!” says the turkey brightly. “Hang HONK! on!” cries the goose. “There’s only three of us!” “No CLUCK! problem,” says the chicken. “We can play winner stays on.” But the goose isn’t having it. “No HONK!ing way. That leaves one of us – probably me – sitting watching […]

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Feathered Friends (Part 1)

A chicken, a goose and a turkey walk in to a pub. “CLUCK! CLUCK! A pint of Stella! CLUCK! Please! Barman! CLUCK!” says the chicken. “HONK! HONK! A pint of Best please, HONK! Good sir!” says the goose. “GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE! A Bacardi Breezer for me! GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!” says the turkey. As the barman […]

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The Snails That Failed

Once upon a time, there were some snails. From Failand they hailed. One day they quailed, railed, wailed, flailed, and, due to an excess of ale, ailed, went pale, frail, and – finally – failed to prevail. One was devoured by a nightingale; one was jailed, then bailed, then inter-railed and derailed; two were trampled […]

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