Ten characters from out of Viz what I’d like to see return

Doctor Poo


Obviously. Davros is saying:  “HAS – ANYONE – GOT – A – MATCH?”

The Cheese Mice

A family of mice who love cheese, and aren’t shy about telling you about it. The strip involved an epic trip to the shops to buy cheese. The punchline? They get run over by a car full of gorillas… with bananas. I suppose you had to be there.

Paul Whicker the Tall Vicar

One of the true greats. The rudest, sweariest, booziest priest of all time, he could drink Father Jack Hackett under the table. Also fond of gambling and secuding his parishioners. Clearly not based on reality (cos if it was, he’d be a peaaeadoeaaeoe too).

Lord Shite and Nanny No-Dumps

The epic struggle between little Lord Shite, who simply wants to have a big poo, and his strict Nanny No-Dumps (do I need to explain her role?) Not known for its scientific accuracy.

Norbert Colon

The meanest man ever to exist, he makes Ebenezer Scrooge, Albert Steptoe, Rigby and Arkwright all look like reckless spendthrifts. Once sawed his own feet off in order to buy a pair of boots, and turned down a cheap holiday in the South Atlantic cutting kelp (2p and all the plankton you can eat!) because spending money wasn’t included.

Fatty Balatty

Obese driving instructor with foul personal habits and the unfortunate propensity to get his (tiny) cock out in front of his young female students, and then have a heart attack or two whilst scoffing umpteen bags of crisps. A personal role model.

Biscuits Alive!

There have only been two instalments of this with an eighteen-year gap between them. The first was 1991, the second was 2009, so  we’re due another episode in 2027. Can’t wait!

The Thieving Gypsy Bastards

Infamous. Caused loads of complaints (including one from the United Nations no less!) and Viz were forced to issue the following heartfelt apology two issues later:


What the complainants totally failed to realise is that in the very same issue of Viz (no. 44) that contained “The Thieving Gypsy Bastards” was a strip entitled  “The Nice Honest Gypsies”  featuring a kindly Gypsy woman selling pegs door-to-door and helpfully returning forgotten change. Total sense of humour FAIL! Worth bringing back to see if they all fall for it again!

Sheridan Poorly

A man after my own heart (and liver, kidneys etc). The hilarious capers of an incurable hypochondriac. “If that’s not cancer, I’d like to know what is!”

Feet And Two Reg

Jolly tale about a rivalry between two men called Reg over who could win a “Most Disgusting Feet” competition. Not one to be read whilst having your tea. The full comic potential of this has yet to be fully exploited!

(All images copyright Viz Maga – er, Comic).


3 thoughts on “Ten characters from out of Viz what I’d like to see return

  1. Regarding Paul Whicker: There is actually a strip which suggests Paedophillic behaviour on his part. A young boy makes some reference to the snake inside PW’s trousers, and PW tells him to be quiet about it. I’ll have to dig it up.

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