Monday Geese

I know I’ll never See you again Not for ever Not even when The sun itself dies And time shuts its eyes Oh I hear their cries – Monday Geese You left your coffee Hardly drunk And took your toffee Every chunk I’m sitting here trying I’m sitting here crying There is no denying Monday […]

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Springtime in Totterdown

Here’s a poem wot I wrote for my local community newsletter Talk of Totterdown.  Springtime in Totterdown South of the river, The wrong side of the tracks, High above town: Totterdown. From Zone N to Zone A, It’s a beautiful day; The sun is out, the daffs are too – It’s Spring at last! Admire […]

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Monday My head Morning My bed Tea Can’t I Just stay Monday Monday “Good Morning.” Log in E-mails Receive Send “Did you have a good weekend?” Oh. Skive To stay alive Monday Monday Coffee Busy Meeting Fleeting deadline Lunchtime She’s got fat He’s an alky How come the smokers are allowed breaks? Bastards Starbucks Philpotts […]

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The air stands still and shimmers Cities sweat Everybody thinks: seaside! Parks and lakesides swoon with lovers Children run forever in the endless Endless school holidays And the cunts next door Play Razorlight Loudly At their barbecue tonight And therefore Must die Sigh. Summer

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