Feathered Frenzy

I’m on a roll… My story Feathered Frenzy has  been chosen for publication in Teeming Terrors, a new anthology from Knightwatch Press. The idea behind this anthology is a simple one: HORDES OF CRITTERS! Think James Herbert’s The Rats or Hitchcock’s The Birds. Actually, that second one was the starting point for Feathered Frenzy, which tells […]

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The Human Centipede

I’m a seasoned horror fan, and there were at least two times I screamed “NooooOOOOO!” whilst watching this film.  My shrieks were  immediately followed by uncontrollable laughter. The Human Centipede is an excellent horror film and a black comedy all in one. It’s played so straight – it has to be – that the laughs […]

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