BristolCon 2012 Report

This was my third BristolCon (I’d been at the relatively tiny launch event in 2009, the much larger 2010 one, but missed last year’s due to holiday commitments) and the biggest and best so far! I don’t do many conventions but always enjoy the ones I do attend – especially if I am a guest, […]

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23 November 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and no doubt, right now, plans are being laid to celebrate this milestone. Who knows what these plans are? Certainly not me. But here’s what I would do… Firstly, BALLS to a multi-Doctor story. Why? Two reasons: 1. They’re crap. Entertaining, but crap. The Three […]

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DAINER Quiz!!!

Dainer is one of the best – if not THE best! – character(s) ever to appear in any TV SF (or fantasy, or drama, or anything!) show, and is my favourite character of all time. All. ALL! I love him! I wish I WAS him. He’s just so utterly cool, and I get excited each […]

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Into the Vortex!

Just had to blog about this: It is, quite obviously, a promotional image for the new series of that obscure TV programme wot I like, Doctor Who. Isn’t it FANTASTIC? (20p) It absolutely sums up the wonder, terror, beauty, danger, madness and fun of travelling with the Doctor, and it looks totally different from the […]

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The Prisoner

I am a huge fan of the original Prisoner, and when I first heard of this re-make my immediate reaction was “Oh God, NO!”  Then I merely shrugged and put it down to the current trend of re-making things that should never, ever be re-made (e.g. The Wicker Man, Edge of Darkness). But this 2009 […]

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BEASTS was an anthology of six hour-long dramas shown around the ITV regions in the autumn of 1976 and loosely based around the concept of modern man’s relationship with the primal, dark forces of nature, a favourite theme of Kneale’s.  The “beasts” themselves were rarely if ever seen, the focus instead being on the characters […]

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