The air stands still and shimmers Cities sweat Everybody thinks: seaside! Parks and lakesides swoon with lovers Children run forever in the endless Endless school holidays And the cunts next door Play Razorlight Loudly At their barbecue tonight And therefore Must die Sigh. Summer Advertisements

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Doves: Kingdom of Rust

Something about this doesn’t excite me, and I’m not sure what. It’s not a bad album by any means, nor are Doves a bad band. Some of the songs here – the title track, Jetstream and Winter Hill especially – are fantastic. Perhaps its because it’s my first Doves album, in fact I know nothing […]

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The Snails That Failed

Once upon a time, there were some snails. From Failand they hailed. One day they quailed, railed, wailed, flailed, and, due to an excess of ale, ailed, went pale, frail, and – finally – failed to prevail. One was devoured by a nightingale; one was jailed, then bailed, then inter-railed and derailed; two were trampled […]

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