Bending Sinister 30+ years on

Bend Sinister, the Fall’s 1986 album, is rarely spoken about as ‘prime’ Fall and hardly ever makes anyone’s Top Ten. Perhaps that’s because it came after the phenomenal ‘career peak’ (glarg) of This Nation’s Saving Grace, or maybe the muddy mix (some tracks are said to be mastered directly from a C90 cassette), whatever the […]

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All the Fall gigs I have been to, and ever will:

1.    22 May 1987               Town Hall, Cheltenham 2.    7 Mar 1988                  Hummingbird, Bristol 3.    ? Sep / Oct 1988         Sadler’s Wells, London 4.    2 March 1990              Anson Rooms, Bristol 5.    26 Aug 1990                Reading Festival 6.    6 Dec 1991                 Anson Rooms, Bristol 7.    19 May 1993               Victoria Rooms, Bristol 8.    […]

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The Fall: Re-Mit

This is the most fun Fall album, I think ever. Mark E. Smith is in fine form, and from the evidence of the three gigs I attended around the time of this album’s release, he is a happy man enjoying the adulation he so deserves. At last, he realises that he IS appreciated! Re-Mit is […]

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The Fall: Ersatz G.B.

Less polished and more mental than Your Future Our Clutter, this is also much more fun. It begins with Cosmos 7, a mad rush of a track with everything happening at once before the song almost falls over its own ascending riff. A storming opener! Taking Off follows, a wonderful melodic thing which sounds (rather […]

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