BristolCon 2011

BristolCon 2011 is now open for business! It’s on Saturday 22 October at the Ramada Hotel (same venue as last year’s). Guests of Honour are Juliet E. McKenna, Justina Robson and Jim Burns.  Other guests include Paul Cornell, Alastair Reynolds, Colin Harvey, John Meaney, Gareth Powell, Jo Hall, and (I think) me. There’ll be an […]

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BristolCon 2010

BristolCon was on Saturday and I have only just recovered! It was only the second ever BristolCon, but it certainly seems to be making its mark. 150 guests this year – over 3 times as many as last year – and a very full day, stretching over 12 hours from 10am to 10pm and beyond! […]

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The Return of POOT!

This lunchtime I was FLABBERGASTED to see a NEW ISSUE OF POOT! on sale in the newsagents! This blast from the past hit me like… well, a blast from the past. For those who don’t know – and that’s probably almost everybody – POOT! was a very cheap, very crude, delightfully sick Viz-type publication which […]

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