It’s a Bank Holiday WASHOUT

Bank Holiday Monday, and it’s fucking raining. Hard. Hard as Baldy’s cock at the sight of a cheap box set of Highlander DVDs. Could that be ANY MORE cliched? I mean, Bank Holiday = Rain. I was gonna ride to Bath, but not in this. I don’t mind a bit of rain whilst I’m cycling, […]

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All Hail the Grand Moff!

Most (if not all) Doctor Who fans welcome the news that Steven Moffat is taking over from Russell T. Davies as showrunner on the programme. Moffat’s stories have been among the best if not the best of the new series (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances being, in my opinion, the absolute pinnacle since the show […]

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Not that anyone will notice, or care, dush, but I have changed the title and layout of this blog. The title has been changed to Nick Walters’ Dominion – shite, I know, but Dominion’s the title of one of my Dr Who novels – and the layout has been changed to something a bit less […]

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The Writhing of the Futile

Suddenly, somewhere, in the misty distance, a bald worm screams. The sound is sudden, shrill, pitiable, and utterly desolate. It is the sound of a dying being’s realisation of its own insignificance, the sound of its abject terror in the face of unavoidable oblivion, the sound made by a tiny thing at the absolute end […]

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