James: La Petite Mort

This, James’s second full album since their reunion, is among their very best. The days of Sit Down and Laid are long, long gone, but James’ fire certainly has not gone out. Indeed it burns brighter here than on any of their albums since, arguably, Whiplash. This is a joyous, life-affirming, uplifting album with dark undertones; […]

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My Bloody Valentine: m b v

Yes I know it’s been out for ages… I have a bit of a backlog of records reviews. Cobblers to a 2012 round-up, that’s ancient history now! Anyway, the new My Bloody Valentine album. Remember that? February this year. Seems like aaages ago… Short review: Not as good as Loveless, but if you like the […]

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Sounds Of Tomorrow – Today!

I suffer terribly from SAD, and cannot wait for the Spring to arrive. As the nights get lighter my mood improves, and when BST begins, it’s as if a shroud of gloom has been lifted from my mind. Not long now… but back in January/February the darkness seemed permanent, springtime an ancient myth, and summer […]

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THERAPY?: A Brief Crack of Light

Therapy? are best known for their 1994 album Troublegum which contained such hits as Screamager, Nowhere and Trigger Inside. Since then they have receded from the public and critical consciousness to the extent that I could find no reviews of this album in the mainstream press (plenty of metal and specialist music sites have reviewed […]

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Radiohead: The King of Limbs

Whatever format of this you end up with – download, CD, “newspaper album” (whatever the hell that is) – is largely irrelevant.  The way we buy and listen to music is changing – but the music itself remains the whole point. Without it there would be no download, no product, no MP3 or CD or […]

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