Posted by: Nick Walters | November 21, 2015

Mutually Assured Domination – in the shops NOW!

MAD cover

My sixth (okay, five and halfth) novel, Mutually Assured Domination, is in the shops now!

It’s the fourth in the new series of Lethbridge-Stewart novels from Candy Jar Books.

The series tells the story of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart before he became ‘the Brig’ and employed the Doctor as his scientific advisor in UNIT. Set after The Web Of Fear, the books explore Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart’s battles against various alien menaces without the assistance of the good Doctor.

Mutually Assured Domination (or MAD for short!) is a good old-fashioned romp which sees the return of the Dominators and their robotic servants the Quarks, first seen in the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who. Set in the late 60s in the ‘flower-power’ era, the story alternates between Dartmoor and London as Lethbridge-Stewart – aided and abetted by journalist Harold Chorley  (seen in The Web Of Fear) –  uncovers the Dominators’ fiendish plot to unleash MAD… but finds out that not everyone is on his side.

MAD is available from  Candy Jar Books, Amazon, and all good bookshops!




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