Two Tales


A quick plug for two anthologies to which I have contributed.

First up, Lethbridge-Stewart, The Havoc Files Vol. 4, a collection of short stories featuring the Brigadier and Anne Travers (from The Web Of Fear, and a major character in the Lethbridge-Stewart books (including my forthcoming book The Man From Yesterday). My story, The Runaway Bomb, features some of the characters from Mutually Assured Domination and is a homage to a certain episode of The Six Million Dollar Man.

Secondly, the second charity anthology from Pseudoscope, Time Shadows: Second Nature. I am humbled and honoured that my story, The Heart Of Inomasp, was chosen as the 11-part framing story for this, especially given the story’s humble beginning and chaotic gestation. (Spoilers follow). That beginning was me simply imagining an extra story for Season 17 of Doctor Who, and jotting down a title, The Heart of Inomasp. Yeah, I’d watch a story called that, I thought. But who or what is Inomasp? Could be a fearsome, insectile alien warlord. Could be a haughty royal, Princess Inomasp. Or maybe a computer program, INtelligent OMniscient Artificial Sentience Program or something. And then it struck me. Why not all three? So I began idly jotting down bits of the story, and wrote a scene with Princess Inomasp, then forgot about it for a bit. Then the Pseudoscope guys came a-knockin’, and I thought, well, why not? And so after a brainstorming session with Paul Leonard over meatballs in IKEA last April, The Heart of Inomasp took shape.

And then it went COMPLETELY MENTOE.

Originally, it featured only two Doctors – 4 and 10, but as the story grew, others barged their way in. In the end, there are five Doctors knocking about in The Heart of Inomasp. As I wrote, the story got more and more out of control, and I chucked in everything but the kitchen sink. I almost gave up on it, until I thought of a way to tie everything together, and turn it into a quest for the Doctor(s). It now hangs together pretty well, I think. It’s the most fun thing I have written – I had a lot of fun writing it, and hopefully, you will in reading it!

And I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Proxitine Inomasp Beshesh-Delta-Sidian (despite the events of the story). Oh no. She’ll be back.


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