Posted by: Nick Walters | September 4, 2014

Feathered Frenzy

I’m on a roll…

My story Feathered Frenzy has  been chosen for publication in Teeming Terrors, a new anthology from Knightwatch Press.

The idea behind this anthology is a simple one: HORDES OF CRITTERS! Think James Herbert’s The Rats or Hitchcock’s The Birds. Actually, that second one was the starting point for Feathered Frenzy, which tells the story of a war between seagulls and pigeons: ‘whoever wins, we get shat on.’  It’s like World War Z filtered through a Wyndham-esque disaster story.

Teeming Terrors will be released – when you least suspect it!



  1. I’ve got the full manuscript ready to turn in, so, as soon as there’s a release date, we’ll TELL THE WORLD!!

    — Christine

  2. Hi, I came across a blog you posted in 2012, specifically: “Jeff Wode and the Perfumed Ponces – Withnailed” Posted by: Nick Walters | January 22, 2008.
    Do you still have the album and is it on CD, vinyl or digital media ? I fear this piece of work is going to lost to obscurity or worse, oblivion, if that is indeed possible !!! Have you since been able to find out who the artist/s is/are. Works of art, for me should never (at least while sentient beings are or will or may be around to appreciate them) be assigned to either obscurity or oblivion, since it informs cultures (and possibly, said beings) of what once was and/or what may be. I can understand from an artists point of view that posting art online without permission may be utterly reprehensible, but so is (possibly more so) the thought of works of art being lost, possibly forever. If you still have the music, is there any chance of it finding its’ way onto youtube or some torrent site for the sake of posterity.

  3. Yes, I’ll send you a CD.

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