Posted by: Nick Walters | November 27, 2013

20 (Mostly) Remarkable Similarities between the Days of the Daleks and the Doctor


  1. They’re both Doctor Who stories (duh!)
  2. They both feature the Doctor (it gets better, trust me on this!)
  3. They both feature more than one Doctor
  4. The First, Second and Third Doctors appear in both
  5. They both feature Daleks
  6. They both feature UNIT
  7. They both feature a Lethbridge-Stewart
  8. They both feature a young blonde female companion
  9. They both feature a horde of menacing second-tier monsters
  10. They’re both about stopping a war
  11. In both, the Doctor enjoys a nice relaxed meal before plunging into adventure
  12. They are both extremely wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey
  13. They both feature a crazy action sequence with the Doctor and his companion and a cool vehicle
  14. They both feature a countdown to a detonation
  15. They both feature a gun-totin’ Doctor
  16. They both feature an important conference
  17. They both feature machines other than the TARDIS that can time travel
  18. Both *appear* to contradict a ‘final’ something (the Daleks’ ‘final end’ in Evil of the Daleks, and Rassilon’s ‘final sanction’ in The End of Time) but don’t really
  19. Nick Briggs does the Dalek voices in both (if the Special Edition of Day of the Daleks counts)
  20. Both feature a massive Dalek army (‘a billion billion Daleks!’ in The Day of the Doctor!) but we only see a few

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