Posted by: Nick Walters | November 19, 2013

Mazzy Star: Seasons Of Your Day


Woozy, bluesy and snoozy, this new album by Mazzy Star is exactly the same as the previous three. The cover has a nice picture of a cat. There is little else you need to know. The interesting thing about this album is the gap between it and Among My Swan. In a year of comebacks (Suede, Bowie, MBV, Prefab Sprout, House of Love) it is appropriate that Mazzy Star should also show up, slouching into the scene late in the year with casual, almost indifferent brilliance. The packaging and title of the album somehow seems almost too Mazzy Star, it verges on self-parody, but the music is solid, though, as stated, no great departure. If you like Mazzy Star then you’ll like this. Hope Sandoval’s vocals and lyrics are as sweet and melancholy as ever, and David Roback’s familiar guitar licks are woven through the album like a thread of tarnished silver. Oh the aching, bruising, beautiful misery. This makes the perfect companion piece to Goldfrapp’s recent similarly wintry album.


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