Posted by: Nick Walters | September 25, 2013

Marsheaux: Inhale

Sophie and Marianthi, the coolest of ice maidens.

Marianthi and Sophie, the coolest of ice maidens

Marsheaux are a Greek duo, Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou, who produce the most sublime synthpop one could wish for. Their last album Lumineux Noir is their masterpiece – just listen to this! It’ll blow your socks off! Inhale isn’t quite as good – nothing matches the majesty of Ghost – but paradoxically in some ways it is an improvement. The synths are fatter, the beats meatier, the whole thing tighter and more driven-sounding. It barrels along without giving you chance to breathe, from the opening double-whammy of Self Control and the euphoric Secret Place through to the sinister loping of Alone, to the incredible rush that is End Is A New Start, which is one of the best things they have done and almost on a par with Ghost. (Sorry, but I love that song.)  Sophie and Marianthi’s dispassionate Euro-diva voices are perfect for this sort of music, cruel ice-maidens singing about love and loss and lust. Some of the lyrics seem daft with perhaps a little lost in translation, but that’s all part of the charm. If there is one criticism of Inhale, it is perhaps a little too one-note for some tastes, but it isn’t a big problem. Marsheaux may have only one sound, and they stick to it ferociously with only the occasional experimental variation, but it is a great sound, and this is a great album.


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