Posted by: Nick Walters | September 18, 2013

Top Ten Autumn Songs

The quintessential English autumn song. Oh my poor rheumatic back…

From the War of the Worlds soundtrack, this is surely the bleakest, saddest autumn song. You can almost see the falling leaves. Which leads us to…

Typically deadpan slice of mordant whimsy laced with beautiful melancholy.

Melodic, anthemic fare from Blackwood’s finest.

Slow and languid version of a jazz standard. Classy beyond words.

The very embodiment of autumnal melancholy.

The perfect accompaniment to a cold autumn evening by the fire.

Like Forever Autumn, another sad song about love and loss as the days grow darker.

Well, their name does evoke the American word for autumn, and this song – a cover version – is a surprisingly mellow tune about escaping to somewhere sunny, cos, ‘I hate the cold and rain and grey ugh.’

The funkiest tune on the list, to cheer you up after the gloom of all the others!


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