Posted by: Nick Walters | May 7, 2013

Monday Geese

I know I’ll never
See you again
Not for ever
Not even when
The sun itself dies
And time shuts its eyes
Oh I hear their cries –
Monday Geese

You left your coffee
Hardly drunk
And took your toffee
Every chunk
I’m sitting here trying
I’m sitting here crying
There is no denying
Monday Geese

I might go out
For a walk or two
I sometime doubt
The existence of you
Memories remain but they can cheat
Like a cake I cannot have or eat
Their honking signals my defeat
Monday Geese

Monday Geese
Please fly away
And leave me in my lake of gloom

Monday Geese
The horizon calls
And towards it you must zoom

Monday Geese
The shadow of your wings
Is a harbinger of doom

Oh Monday Geese
I need release
Monday Geese
I need some peace
Monday Geese
I need to cease
Thinking of her
(Honk honk)

Of her
(Honk honk)

(Honk Honk)







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