Posted by: Nick Walters | September 9, 2012

The Ting Tings: Songs From Nowheresville

Ting Tings covered in paint

Like us, our album is a complete mess.

I’ve given this every chance, but, sorry, it’s shite. Totally without tune or direction, it flips and flops about like a goldfish tipped out onto the carpet before coming to a spluttering pathetic end. They’ve got an unreleased batch of songs they considered worse than THIS?! Holy crap. Only one track – the cute, spiky Guggenheim – escapes. The rest is totally forgettable.  This is both a shame and a mystery, as their first album, We Started Nothing, is fantastic; dumb music made by clever people, full of hooks and massive choruses and top tunes. Great DJ alone is worth 1500000000000 of this album. So what went wrong? I dunno. Perhaps they only had that one album in them. Perhaps they bottled it. Perhaps they genuinely think this is good. Whatever, this is failpop, a new genre I have just invented. Time to release those unreleased gems or perhaps call it a day, Tings?


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