Posted by: Nick Walters | February 18, 2012

Springtime in Totterdown

Here’s a poem wot I wrote for my local community newsletter Talk of Totterdown. 

Springtime in Totterdown

South of the river,
The wrong side of the tracks,
High above town:

From Zone N to Zone A,
It’s a beautiful day;
The sun is out, the daffs are too –
It’s Spring at last! Admire the view:

Dogs and children tumble down
Lovers and loners laze around
The parks of Perrett’s and Windmill Hill;
Distant trains enhance the still.

Up there in the blue appear
The first balloons of the year,
And down below we can delight
In getting home when it’s still light.

A sudden siren screams –
Interrupting our daydreams –
But swiftly it is gone;
Serenity shimmers on.

From almost anywhere, you can see
The green spire of Holy Nativity.
Its Bristol Byzantine defied the Blitz,
And Harold Wilson’s economics.

The red-brick of Three Lamps Estate,
A monument to planning mistakes –
But under blue sky it’s as pretty
As any suburb of the city.

Technicolour houses on mountainous slopes –
A multicultural kaleidoscope –
A place to live, work, eat and drink,
A place to wonder, a place to think.

Is there even any point going into town
When it’s Springtime in Totterdown?

NICK WALTERS, January 2012

Thought I’d share this as it is almost spring… less than a fortnight until March and soon the clocks go forward!

If you live in Totterdown and want to get involved in helping the community why not join TRESA (Totterdown Residents Environmental and Social Action). Costs £3 quid a year (membership forms are on the website). We help protect the local built and natural environment, and encourage, support and promote social events and activity within Totterdown, such as the annual Garden Festival. We hold public meetings at the Star and Dove at 7.30 on the third Tuesday of every month – the next one’s on 21 February. Come along and meet your local community!


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