Posted by: Nick Walters | August 21, 2011

Tiffin Time

My tiffin in all its shiny glory

I bought my tiffin last nite, from the excellent Thali cafe in Totterdown, Bristol.

What the heckity heck is a tiffin, you ask?

It’s a brilliant, sustainable and eco-friendly way to have take-away curry: instead of foil containers and plastic bags, you buy a tiffin – a set of four stainless steel insulated pots. It costs £22.50, admittedly, but comes filled with the curry of your choice, and re-fills only cost seven or eight quid, the going rate for a takeaway. And for that you get a LOT of food – I had Moghul Chicken, basmati rice, tarka dal and veggie subji. Enough for 2 people (or one fat git like me).

The tiffin keeps the food hot for over 16 hours, they claim. I tested this by going to the pub for an hour after buying my tiffin, and when I got home it was still piping hot. And the stainless steel pots that make up the tiffin are easy to clean, and look nice on the kitchen shelf.

So if you’re anywhere near a Thali cafe (there are four in Bristol, see their website) and like curry, go get a tiffin – you won’t regret it!


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