Posted by: Nick Walters | April 19, 2011

“The Sixty” by Andy Bigwood

Last night at the monthly Monday Bristol SF meet I was presented with my contributor’s copy of “The Sixty”, a book of artwork by BSFA award winning artist Andy Bigwood.

It’s a collection of 60 (duh!) stunning images by Andy, each accompanied by a piece of flash fiction by SF authors.  It is a work of some beauty,  is available from Amazon and will be on sale at Eastercon.

Contributing authors include Colin Harvey, Gareth Powell, Jim Mortimore, Storm Constantine, Kim Lakin-Smith, Liz Williams, Ian Watson, Ken McLeod, Juliet McKenna, Danie Ware, and Andy himself.

My contribution is entitled “Tom’s Reality”, and it accompanies a beautiful piece of the same name which I only found out from Andy last night was inspired by his nephew wading in the sea at Weymouth beach (those who know me know how I love that place).

If you love art and sf, you know what to do!



  1. Give us a look next time I’m over, then.

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