Posted by: Nick Walters | March 25, 2011

Paper Clips

Paper clips are small, useful creatures made of wire looped into a shape that makes them ideal for temporarily securing documents together when you don’t want to go all the way and use staples or paper fasteners.

Usually plain, they also come in a variety of brightly coloured plastic coatings which can cheer up a dull collection of papers, except those concerned with Local Area Agreements, which are beyond hope. There are also giant versions which can be used to clip important papers together. These can also be used by those suffering inferiority complexes to compensate for lack in other areas of their lives.

Paper clips are misunderstood creatures. They are often maligned as a symbol of bureaucracy and red tape – there’s the familiar stereotype of the civil servant obsessed with the monthly paper clip order. The incredibly annoying and much hated Microsoft Office Assistant, Clippy, comes in the form of an animated paper clip with eyes, and this has done nothing to help their public image. Sadly, paper clips are often abused to make necklaces or perform arcane sacrificial rituals.

But paperclips are undeniably an essential component of our everyday lives and can be unbent and refolded without complaint in times of stress. And of course Operation Paperclip was an important post-war US military program.

For more information about paper clips click here.


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