Posted by: Nick Walters | October 12, 2010

Dog Boiled

A pet poodle was accidentally boiled to death by its owner in Wednesdbury, West Midlands, last Thursday.

The pedigree poodle, Supremax Elektra King Bing Malchussy, had been playing in the garden of owner Sophia Jenkins’ end terrace house and had become covered in mud.

“Elektra was a boisterous little thing and liked nothing more than getting dirty,” said Ms Jenkins. “It was a real problem with her, especially before dog shows. I spent half my life grooming her only for her to run outside and dive into a pile of leaves or something.”

Just before the incident Ms Jenkins was about to take the dog to the annual Wednesbury Poodle Show, and was running late. “When Elektra ran back in covered in mud I was so flustered I didn’t know what to do, so I put her in a big saucepan on the oven, filled it with water, turned the gas on, put the lid on the saucepan and a brick on top of the lid to stop her getting out. Then the phone rang – it was my mother, and I couldn’t get off the line for almost half an hour, by which time poor Elektra had boiled to death.”

The RSPCA are suspicious of Ms Jenkins’ apparent lack of remorse over the demise of her pet – which had been left to her by her ex-husband who divorced her to marry local beauty pageant star Lorna Carboon – and the rather unorthodox method she employed in trying to clean the dog. Why, RSPCA officers want to know, did she not attemp to bathe the dog in the usual way?

Ms Jenkins, however, was adamant that she did not murder Supremax Elektra King Bing Malchussy. “And I couldn’t use the bath because the heating was broken and I had no hot water.”

Ms Jenkins will appear in court on a charge of animal cruelty. The remains of Supremax Elektra King Bing Malchussy were taken away by the RSPCA and given a decent burial at a nearby pet cemetery.


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