Posted by: Nick Walters | May 4, 2010

Sade: Soldier of Love

Other than vaguely admiring some of her 80s singles I’ve had nothing to do with Sade until now. I’d never bought one of her albums before, so what prompted me to buy this one? Simple: Soldier of Love, the single. It is stunning: 6 minutes of military drumbeats, slashes of guitar and sampled horns, sounding totally unlike anything Sade (the group) have ever done before, above which Sade’s (the singer’s) voice rises like that of an angel. Yeah, but it’s that good. So, I thought, I’m middle-aged, no-one will laugh at me for buying a Sade album, what have I to lose? Cred? Have I ever had any?! Don’t answer that… Anyway, opening track The Moon and the Sky is an absolute dream of a song, evoking summer nights by the sea and lost romance, it’s the sort of thing you’d expect from Sade and delivered to perfection. Then comes Soldier of Love which perhaps could have come later on in the album, it feels too premature here. Unfortunately I can’t remember any of the other songs, which perhaps goes to show that Soldier of Love doesn’t quite live up to the promise of the first two tracks. However, when it is on, I enjoy it. I’m not moved to investigate their other albums – but glad I got this one.



  1. You must get 1992’s Love Deluxe. By far, my favorite Sade. Perfection from beginning to end.

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