Posted by: Nick Walters | April 30, 2010

New FALL album AT LAST!

I now have, at last, the new Fall album, OUR FUTURE YOUR CLUTTER.

A review will follow once I have come to terms. I am going to have a bath, tidy up the lounge, crack open some ales and play it all the way through without interruption. My poor neighbours!

I will then go to the pub to recover. A review will follow once I have digested it (and completed a few outstanding record reviews).

Nostalgia time: I remember when the first new-to-me Fall record came out, The Frenz Experiment in 1988 (I came on board with Bend Sinister which remains to this day my favourite Fall album, and indeed album, of all time). I was at Wolverhampton Poly (now Uni, pah!), Dudley campus, living in Dudley, and me and my friend David went to the Virgin shop in town on the morning of the release of Frenz, only to find that it had not yet been delivered.

We made camp in Burger King and drank endless cups of coffee, popping back to Virgin every half hour or so to check. Nothing, for hours! So we had lunch – I was so distracted that I put sugar on my chips by mistake. (Still ate them – I was a student).

It eventually arrived and we walked back to campus to listen to it on my crappy Ingersoll record player. We weren’t impressed though David was quicker to dismiss it whilst I remained loyally defensive, out of a sense of duty; and a dread that every band I started to like either split up (The Smiths) or went shite.

I needn’t have worried; Frenz was a low point and there were and still are (I hope) years of Fall glory to come.

Frenz was and remains to this day a disappointment after Bend Sinister, though I have mellowed to it, and Bremen Nacht has ALWAYS been great; however the best thing about it remains that morning of tense anticipation.

How different it all is now what with all these new-fangled CDs and downloads and what-not!

I am old, but listening to The Fall keeps me young.


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