Posted by: Nick Walters | February 25, 2010

DAINER Quiz!!!

Dainer is one of the best – if not THE best! – character(s) ever to appear in any TV SF (or fantasy, or drama, or anything!) show, and is my favourite character of all time. All. ALL! I love him! I wish I WAS him. He’s just so utterly cool, and I get excited each time he appears on the screen! (I wish he was my Dad. Or my best friend).  It’s such a CRYING, CRYING SHAME he only ever appeared in one single episode of Blake’s 7 – but as Dainer fans know, he TOWERS over every other character in that episode, and he totally “owns” the scenes he is in, and he makes Travis look like a fart in a colander.

Dainer rules, Dainer ROCKS!

But how much do YOU know about Dainer?

Take this quiz to find out

1. What episode of Blake’s 7 does Dainer appear in?

2. What is Dainer’s job?

3. What sort of facial hair does Dainer possess?

4. Which actor portrayed Dainer?

5. How many prisoners does Dainer say have been killed?

6. And what does he hastily correct this figure to when Commander Leylan glares at him?

7. How does Vila distract Dainer?

8. And what does Dainer say in response to this?

9. Name 2 other cult TV shows the actor who played Dainer appeared in.

10. Complete this piece of classic Dainer dialogue: “Move and ….. …..”

Hurry and find out what your Dainer factor is!


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