Posted by: Nick Walters | November 28, 2009

Mark E. Smith Says…

What are you fuckin' lookin' at coont

Just finished re-reading Renegade, the M.E.S. ghost-written “autobiography.”  It’s shite, but fascinating, and only serves to prove that the main point of The Fall is the music.

It does however contain some brilliant pearls of wisdom from the man himself.

These are some of my faves:

“If anybody says to me I’ve got a problem with the drink, I tell them I do have a problem – like where to get it after eleven o’clock.”

“I’ve stopped drinking anyway – I stopped half an hour ago.”

“We’re living in a re-issue world, filching the past like magpies with a TARDIS.”  [Wonder if he’s a Who fan?!]

[Talking about moving back to where he grew up] “It’s a good area. I still live there. Strong Jewish/Irish community. It’s got great scenery as well. Bargain Booze is a particular favourite shop of mine. You can get some good offers there.”

“Saturday’s a very holy day for me – I don’t like working on Saturday still. I never have. It’s my day off. Start at twelve and drink all day. I’ve always done that since I was sixteen. Piss around. Go out for a pint.”

Sounds idyllic Mark!


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