Posted by: Nick Walters | November 14, 2009

A Giant Alien Force More Violent And Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine

I first found out about Venetian Snares via b3ta, on a thread about pubs. Someone posted that they used to annoy the locals in a remote country boozer by putting Hand Throw by Venetian Snares on the jukebox, on repeat. Intrigued, to YouTube I went and had my brains blasted out by this:

The bit after “RUN THAT MOTHERFUCKING RHYTHM COS WE’RE READY” almost gave me a heart attack the first time I heard it. I can well imagine how it would go down in the Woolpack.

Interestingly Hand Throw is a reference to the legend behind the origin of Antwerp’s name, which is probably why some bloke shouts “ANTWERP MASSIVE!” at some point.

A bit more research and I discovered that the man behind Venetian Snares is this Canadian Viking bloke called Aaron Funk, who has released a shitload of albums, over 20 since 1998, and loads of EPs and singles. His music is hard to categorise, but is broadly intelligent dance music characterised by incredibly complex drum programming, bizarre time signatures and mercilessly pummelling beats that make a mockery of BPM. Oh and he’s done some classical music albums as well. The guy is insanely prolific and talented.

And he’s got quite a knack for song titles, e.g. The Hopeless Pursuit Of Remission, Poo Yourself Jason, Halfway Up The Stairway Of Mucus, Macerate and Petrify, Dance Like You’re Selling Nails, Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole, Mongoloid Alien,  Yes Love My Soul Is Black, and my favourite, and best song title ever:

His Magnum Opus is, however, the stunning 15-minute track, A Giant Alien Force More Violent And Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine. I almost fainted the first time I heard this, and it still makes me go cold all over, and my brain explode.

So, if you like this sort of thing, I heartily recommend the Snares.

And I can’t wait to inflict Hand Throw on the locals up the Bush!



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