Posted by: Nick Walters | October 24, 2009

Dr Who Quiz – Answers

Here are the answers to the Doctor Who quiz. How many did YOU get right?

1. In which story did the Doctor meet Lord Meriton?
The Train Masters.

2. Who is the ONLY Doctor ever to have visited Hawaii?
The Third Doctor, in Honolulu Honeyz Vol. VIII: Bukkake Island.

3. What links The Sea Devils, The Visitation and Blink?
Each features a cameo by Rupert the Bear.

4. What story features a million-year-old robot?
Planet of the Robots: Ubertron, evil leader of the Nazibots, is one million years old at the end of the story after the Doctor has applied the Time Enema.

5. What is Project X-10 and which story did it appear in?
Project X-10 is Professor Scanlon’s secret, illegal Dimension Wrench and it appears in The Dome of Despair.

6. What story was originally called The Doom Bringers?
The Bringers of Doom.

7. What alien race is allergic to oranges?
The Fouarieae.

8. What phrase links the Seventh Doctor and Broton, War Lord of the Zygons?
“They say we’re brothers from the bottom of Hell, but Black is back and it’s BOUND to sell.”

9. Who are the ONLY two companions ever to be seen using an old-fashioned mechanical typewriter?
Archibald in The Four Doctors and Winnie in Let Me Harm Your Little Children.

10. What story was originally entitled Ring Of Fear?
The Ring of Evil.

11.In which story are the mouselike Minkos referred to but not seen except in still photographs?
Planet of Beauty.

12. Name TWO homosexual people who have been involved in the production of Doctor Who.
Michael Clarke who choreographed the Dance of the Fish People in The Underwater Menace, and Freddie Mercury who played Sharaz Jek in The Caves of Androzani.

13. In which story does the Doctor kick a one-year-old baby to death before tossing its corpse into the crater of an active volcano?
Let Me Harm Your Little Children.

14. What links The Tenth Planet, The War Games, Planet of the Spiders, Logopolis, The Caves of Androzani, Time and the Rani, The TV Movie and the Parting Of The Ways OTHER than the Doctor regenerating?

15. Name THREE victims of the Vampire Brigadier.
Sergeant Benton, Jo Grant and the Doctor.

16. For which story did Cradle of Filth provide the soundtrack?

17. What’s the main weakness of the Al-Kohol-ix?
They are addicted to cigarettes.

18. Why did Steve Coogan turn down the role of the Tenth Doctor?
Because he didn’t want to get type-cast. A-HA!

19. What fat, alcoholic, mentally disturbed fan regularly posts his turds to Russell T Davies?
Angry Who Fan

20. In which story does William Hartnell accidentally say “motherfucking cock sucking shit-buggering wankface?”
Doctor Who and the Cunts of Fuck.


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