Posted by: Nick Walters | March 24, 2009

Destiny of the Daleks Drinking Game

Take a drink each time:

– Romana regenerates
– k9 rotates
– “Oh look! Rocks!”
– The Chinese Detective appears
– The dialogue is obviously by Douglas Adams
– The hospital trolley appears
– Tyssan… er, pass
– Tom says “What?”
– Someone says “vital”
– Jall appears (what do you mean, “who?” Total babe!)
– A Movellan dies a disco death
– An extra dies an unconvincing death
– Davros wobbles
– Something explodes
– Romana beats the Doctor at “Paper / Scissors / Stone”
– The Daleks are referred to as robots
– One of the Daleks is obviously a cardboard cut out or shell
– Tom makes the Daleks look stupid (climb after me, hat etc)
– A Dalek says “Seek! Locate! Exterminate!”
– “Ssspack off!”
– Lalla’s smile melts your heart



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