Posted by: Nick Walters | February 18, 2009

“Cute Puppy Competition” Revealed As Cruel Scam

A competition to find Sheffield’s cutest puppy has been exposed as a sick scam.

Advertisements appeared in the Sheffield Evening Echo asking people to e-mail photos or videos of their puppies to be judged in a competition.

But no competition was ever planned and the pictures and videos were posted on a sick website entitled “”.

Suspicions were aroused when Sheffield resident Arthur Breang phoned the number quoted in the advertisements and got an answering machine with an indecipherable message in a made-up language.

Mr Breang contacted the Police who traced the call to an office in Wombwell. Scrawled on a whiteboard in the office was the url of the website. Police suspect that the perpetrators wanted their crime to be discovered, to add to the sexual thrill of their misdemeanour.

Mr Breang, who sent a jpeg of his six month old poodle bitch Molly to the perpetrators, said, “It disgusts me to think that perverts are looking at photos of my Molly and getting their jollies. It’s disgusting, I’m disgusted, and they should be ashamed of themselves.” He then jabbed a finger at out interviewer and bellowed, “ASHAMED!”

The search for the perpetrators continues. Sheffield residents are advised not to send any more pictures of their pooches to the perverts



  1. Like, did you just make that up dude? Microcon rocked!

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