Posted by: Nick Walters | September 23, 2008


Looking through my old notebooks, I happened across some pages in one from 2002 upon which I fiddle about with anagrams of various things, including the words Doctor and Who.

Lo and behold, I arrived pretty quickly at – yes – TORCHWOOD.

I should have copyrighted it! But back then, who could possibly have imagined what it would eventually come to mean? In 2002, a new series of Doctor Who seemed impossible, let alone a spin-off series, let alone a spin-off series starring a bisexual space captain in a long coat!

Shows how far things have come in the 6 years(!) since I sat in the George and fiddled with those anagrams.

Surely, though, every Who fan has played around in this way (ooer!) and come up (ooer!) with Torchwood (ooer!). It’s only RTD who had the balls to use it as the title for a Doctor Who spin-off.

Chow do rot? Throw, o cod!


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