Posted by: Nick Walters | June 12, 2008

Dr Who – Uncool

RTD, please note – there is at least one teenage girl who still thinks Dr Who is uncool.

Buying the new DWM just now (yes, a bit late, I know), I remarked to the young lady on the till, “I remember when it was 30p a month” and she looked suitably amazed.

I then said, “Yes, I have every issue, going back almost 30 years, in filing cabinets behind my sofa, appropriately enough!”

She laughed, and I tried not to think how sad I sounded to this 19 year old (if that) girl.

“You’re almost as bad as me with my Eastenders!” she trilled.

I then asked for a bag, as I was on the bike and needed something to carry DWM in.

“Why, are you worried that people will laugh at you?”

(I was in my cycle shorts, so I can’t worry about people laughing at me or I’d never leave the house.) “I thought Doctor Who was cool and trendy now!” I retorted.

She just laughed.

It felt like 1998 not 2008.


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