Posted by: Nick Walters | April 1, 2008

Robin Hood is Doctor Who!


Robin Hood star Jonas Armstrong has landed the role of Doctor Who.

He will be the eleventh actor to play the part, and takes over from current Doctor David Tennant in one of the 90-minute specials planned for 2009.

“It’s an honour and a privilege to get to play not just one legend – but two!” said Jonas, referring to Doctor Who and his role as Robin Hood in the BBC drama which put a modern spin on adventures in Sherwood Forest.

He intends to play the Doctor as a “lovable rogue” who will “charm the stars out of the sky whilst at the same time foiling the plans of bullies and despots throughout space.”

Doctor Who returns this Saturday to BBC 1 with current Doctor David Tennant re-united with mouthy redhead Donna played by comedienne Catherine Tate. This year they will battle together the Sontarans, giant wasps, shadow monsters, Daleks and the Daleks’ evil creator Davros.



  1. please God let this be an April fools joke!

  2. April Fool’s ?

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