Posted by: Nick Walters | March 13, 2008

Monkey Queen Moon Man Arrested

A man has been arrested for training his pet macaque monkey to moon at the Queen.

Reg Thompson, 52, owner of Thompson’s Pet Emporium in Ripon, North Yorks, admitted to several counts of animal cruelty and intent to affront Her Majesty in public.

During the visit of the King of Tonga in December last year, Mr Thompson was seen to hold the monkey – a young female called Mosie – aloft by its collar, whereupon it turned and parted its buttocks in the direction of the Queen.

And Divine Service at Sandringham Parish Church on 30 December last year was interrupted as Mr Thompson raced into the Church, brandishing Mosie by the collar again, her rear parts directed at Her Majesty. The Bishop of Norwich, who was half-way through preaching the sermon, chased Mr Thompson and the monkey from the church with his mitre, but not before the creature had defecated in the font.

Mr Thompson was arrested yesterday as Police identified him from CCTV footage taken outside the Church. He faces a fine of £2000 or a 30-day prison sentence, pending psychiatric reports.

However he remained unrepetant. “The Queen should be used to a bit of criticism now and then,” he said. “Look what Spitting Image got away with! I’m only carrying on the British tradition of satire.”

The monkey was taken away and destroyed.

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