Posted by: Nick Walters | January 30, 2008

My albums of 2007

Yeah a bit late I know, but anyway:

THE FALL Reformation Post TLC
Of course.

VON SUDENFED Tromatic Reflexxions
It’s just so bouncy and funny and strange and intriguing AND you can dance to it.

PJ HARVEY White Chalk
I think this is her best, but maybe Is This Desire? is better. This is a work of startling emotional content, being the story of a woman betrayed, betraying, and traumatised. Dark and still and just majestic in places; the title track IS Dorset. It’s as though Emily Bronte has come back from the dead and made an album.

EDITORS An End Has A Start
These chaps always bring their albums out in the summer. Blazing hot days (there were some last year!) walking around Bristol listening to The Racing Rats. Heriocally melancholy, not as good as their debut, their next one should RULE.

ASH Twilight Of The Innocents
This isn’t very good, it just reminds me of my cycling holiday in Weymouth. And at this time of year that is NEEDED!

Bastards. This is FUCKING brilliant. Bastards!

Er that’s it really, the cream of the crop.

2008 brings new albums from The Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit, the Aeroplanes, Portishead, the Mary Chain, Massive Attack, James, REM and Stereolab, so it’s gonna be a good year for old indie gits like me!


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