Posted by: Nick Walters | December 10, 2007

A Sweary Alphabet

A is for Arse, producer of shit
B is for Bastard, someone who’s a git
C is for Cunt, e.g. Russell Brand
D is for Dick, what you wank with your hand
E is for Excrement, i.e., poo
F is for Fuck, a fun thing to do
G is for Gay, blokes what is queer
H is for Hardon, shoots spunk in your ear
I is for Intercourse, posh word for screw
J is for Jizz, flying ropes of goo
K is for Knob, AKA prick
L is for Lezzer, the tuppence she lick
M is for MILF, “Mum I’d Love To Fuck”
N is for Nipples, lovely to suck
O is for Orgasm, it makes her scream
P is for Piss, a golden stream
Q is for Quim, tight or slack
R is for Rimming, done round the back
S is for Shit, coprohiliacs love
T is for Turd, see the above
U is for Udder, a lady’s tits
V is for Vadge, a lady’s bits
W is for Wank, and also Wet Dreams
X is for X-rated, top shelf magazines
Y is for Yoni, Hindu for twat
Z is for Zoophile, someone who fucks cats


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