Posted by: Nick Walters | September 18, 2007

My Cat

I have a cat.

And my life will never be the same again!


He arrived on Sunday and, although it’s only Tuesday, I’ve made many changes of neccesity to look after my new furry friend.

He’s a 12-week-old mostly-grey tabby, and we’re off to the vet tomorrow for his jabs and to determine his gender. I think he’s a boy – male cats’ arse-parts look like a colon : whilst girl cats’ look like an upside-down !. However it’s hard to tell with Tom – even my work colleague Dawn, an expert on all things feline, can’t tell for sure. Never mind – I’ll know tomorrow, and a quick name-change may be in order.

I got him from a mate up the pub – yeah, watch out what you agree to after 8 pints of Wifebeater! Seriously I’d been wanting to get a cat for years but was always put off by the sheer volume of auto-death zooming up the Wells Road mere metres from my front door. Tom is likely therefore to me a mostly indoor cat, and, well, I can always move…

He seems to have settled in OK – he is extremely boisterous and affectionate, and hardly leaves me alone! His favourite trick is chewing my earlobe as I try vainly to sleep. He also loves playing with string, Mr Rabbit and – best of all – scrunched-up post it notes. He is toilet-trained (thank fuck!) but that didn’t stop him from weeing on my bed today.

Better go now he has got behind the PC.


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