Posted by: Nick Walters | April 25, 2007

The Anti-Cycling League Strikes Again

The Anti-Cycling League lady was lying in wait for me as I rode along the Malago path on Sunday.She leapt out from behind a Bush and yelled, “Do you know that by cycling you are spreading dangerous micro-organisms?”

I was so surprised I slipped and connected with my crossbar in the most painful way.

As I writhed and grimaced on the gravel, she said triumphantly, “Serves you RIGHT, you two-wheeled FASCIST!” and did a grotesque little dance around my convulsing form.

She concluded by kicking Bellinda in the gears and running off. Had I not been completely winded with pain I would have given chase and beheaded the wench. As it was all I could do was sit there until I felt better, then check Bellinda. Thankfully she was okay.

What do they say – the first time is happenstance, the second time coincidence, the third time…?

I look forward with trepidation to my next confrontation with Mrs Anti-Cycling League.


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